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IvanNot sure what to write here as it seems so self-edifying and tasteless.

Ever wondered what the world has to say about you?

William Gibson, in his book “Pattern Recognition”, describes a most excellent way to find out. Hence, armed with my birth date, time of birth, this is what Google dragged in:

The Mutable Fire:

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and the third and last fire sign. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius symbolises the growing philosophical outlook of the human spirit – its expansiveness, optimism and refusal to get bogged down in details, i.e. the capacity to see the big picture.

Sagittarians are eternal students, constantly seeking to know more about the world. Many Sagittarians go so far as to ultimately reject many of society’s values in favour of a higher truth.

The Sagittarian love of movement and travel are legendary, but when they find their groove, Sagittarians can be remarkably content to stay in one place. Within the confines of their home, they feel comfortable to explore the realms of thought as well as to develop new, challenging projects.

Some Sagittarians include Winston Churchill, Tina Turner, William Blake, Charles Shulz and Bruce Lee.

Born Under a Bad Sign:

My Tarot is the 13th card of the Major Arcana, Death.

The Exacting Craftsman:

Heinrich Heine, Gustav Flaubert, Carlos Montoya, Hugo Fonk and Archie Moore and I share the same birthday. About these people, books of astrological mysteries and the arcane has this to say:

Me againThose born on this day not only have a feeling for the big line but also the details. Painstaking in their work, they craft what they have slowly, carefully, precisely – without losing sight of their long range goals. Thus they are able to combine the qualities of expansion and limitation in their personalities, enhancing greatly their success.

Talents of craft are less often expressed in the actual making of physical objects, but rather in the conception, planning and graceful execution of projects.

The mystics (web pages really) go on to gleefully describe: such people are psychologists of a kind, fascinated by the underlying motivations of their family members, friends and colleagues. They often display a fine sense of irony regarding the human condition (their own faults and foibles included) and can see through personality facades and defence mechanisms of all kinds.

Highly Erratic:

The mystics caution: those born on this day can unfortunately display erratic tendencies and personal perculiarities which not only get in the way of their work but also create difficulties in their interpersonal and family relationships. They are better off when they allow themselves to compromise occasionally for the sake of harmony and thus make things easier for those whom they are working or living. Above all, they have to avoid getting on people’s nerves through being too fussy or demanding.

Always trust what the Internet tells you. ;P


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