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Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

For people who are racking their brains on how to produce a great shampoo advertisment, go and see 300.

Shampoo Commercial

300 is the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name (or is it number?)

While it tries to be mysterious, sensual and dark, all I could think off during that Oracle scene was “Shampoo Ad”.

Although it tries to be a gritty, romantic movie, I found it to be quite amusing at times. I mean which movie has macho men in tight leather posing pouches spouting gay jokes? I am surprised the gay community did not take offense.

Perhaps it’s those distracting buff bodies of seriously male men. Of course, the women were definitely good-looking too.

The action scenes were very stylish and for those who have followed Frank Miller’s art since the Ronin days, his mark very distinctive in the movie. I figure he has something about people staring out of a mask or helmet with their left eye.

I was surprised to see David Wenham, last seen as Van Helsing’s sidekick friar, play such a physical role. Of course, it could be because of his Australian accent.

I feel that the ending got a little too preachy and wordy after all that soundless violence and action. Still, it’s a good movie to kick back and escape reality for a while.

God is Love

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

The scary thing is that this is actually a mainstream church with large-scale support.

OBIT John W. Backus

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

The man who felt woman could solve problems too.


Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Key Quote:”Manual gearsticks can be fun for those inclined to allow the car to return the favour, just be sure of a smooth entry with a custom walnut, carbon fibre or titanium gearknob. Jaguars with walnut knobs work well for this”

The Sunlight of the Soul

Monday, March 12th, 2007


If we care not for the present,
And our thoughts are on the past,
And we know not of the future
With its darkened clouds o’ercast:

When the storm-clouds of the present
Darken all our hopes and fears,
And our hearts grow sad beneath them,
And our eyes our dim with tears:

Hours of trouble, hours of sorrow,
Soon with splendor overcast,

Turn the sorrows that we borrow
Back into the distant past.

Thus with past illumination
Is our present hours made bright,
And our former darkened moments
With a glory-wave made light.

Then the beauty of the sunshine
To the present gives a glow,
As with misty gleams the future
Glances on the scenes below.

For our hearts must then grow lighter
As we catch those pleasant beams,
And our eyes with light grow brighter
With the soul’s reflecting dreams.

And the storm-clouds that o’ershadow,
Pass away beneath the rays
Of a former golden pastime,
As reflected on our ways.

Teaching us that ‘neath the curtain
Where the darkness lurks within,
That our thoughts will cast a shadow
Where the sunlight should come in.

Thus in moments when we’re nervous
With a care that few can test,
Then this sunlight that is golden
Gives our soul its needed rest.

And our troubles quickly vanish
As the storm-clouds backward roll
From the glory of the spirit,
And the sunlight of the soul.

– James S. Jennings.

Sign of the Apocalypse

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

It’s here. We’re doomed.


Thursday, March 1st, 2007