Today I not free hor

October 30th, 2005

A slur has been cast upon my name. A slander has been placed upon this blog. Although Adrian Monk would say that "…newspapers libel; they do not slander…"

It all started today. Bright was the sun in the sky as I set out to The Moomba for the 60th Slow Food Convivium Society (Singapore) luncheon. It was preordained that I would be sitting with Budak and MrsBudak.

I was told that my blog was mentioned in the newspaper Today. I replied saying that I think I saw a list of food blogs, but I don’t think mine was on the list.

But, just to be sure, I went and googled. To my surprise, I saw an article written by Mr. Miyagi in Today Online.

The first page was ok. A good round up and a great summation of how Singaporeans deal with their frustrations at being stuck on an island with really-nothing-much-to-do without resorting to porn.

But when I turned to the second page, the word "grappag" screamed out at me. As someone who has done programming for many years, I am very sensitive to typos. Like a compiler that refuses to go any further, I felt… uncomfortable.

RelakAh well. No matter. We shall overcome.

The more serious issue I have is the accusation of having all the time in the world.

People might misunderstand.

Due to recent events, I am now taking it easy for a while before I participate in my next adventure. The loss of the use of the most excellent Apple Powerbook is a serious blow to me.

So I need some time to regroup and calm down.

But I really do not have all the time in the world.

Overwhelmed_1I mean, do you know just how funny the world is?

The amount of funny stories, headlines and websites available is simply overwhelming.

I cannot keep up.

Just google on something simple like "Star Wars" and you will be swamped with cool stories like this.

No. I do not have all the time in the world to share all these fun stuff. Alas.

But these people might have. ;P

Actually, most of my blogging is done over the weekends. Armed with my trusty IBM M, I scour the Internet for funny news. Then I think about how to give them a funny spin; think of Gary Larson’s Far Side and his thought processes and you will know what I mean.

Takes about 1-2 hours to gather and schedule two funny entries a day for a month. It’s pretty hard work similar to this. But its fun. Really fun.

The rest of the entries are ad-hoc soapbox essays or replies like this. Or when I discover something so funny that I can’t wait to share it.

I would like to say that it’s all about time management, but I am not a lifestyle guru, so I won’t.

In any case, thanks Mr. Miyagi for devoting such a large chunk of the article to quoting Recent Runes. Hopefully you can fix the typo so that I can find some peace.

Oh, and one last thing, if you go to the front page of the Slow Food web site, the graphic will show you just what we really stand for (being unskilled labour, that piece took me 5 hours to conceive and implement, so go and see). We’re not that uppity.

To quote a famous criminal, "It’s a good thing."

4 Responses to “Today I not free hor”

  1. sesame Says:

    Hey, I think it’s such a compliment to say that you have the time in the world. Got time to blog, got time to enjoy good food and good life. Wow, not everybody gets this kind of deal okay??? I’m so jealous!!! ;) Haha…don’t let comments from others bother you too much lah. I seem to sense that you’re actually quite cool about it.

  2. ivn Says:


    I am pleasantly surprised with it. After all, I only started this blog in August.

    The first paragraph was just for “drama mama” purposes. ;)

  3. gurge Says:

    yeah, i saw you in today newspaper too! would have told you if i knew you didn’t know haha… anyway, when it comes to putting someone’s website address in a national newspaper, they should let you know, no?

  4. eLAnee Says:

    Congratulations on appearing in the papers.


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