Big Numbers

October 16th, 2005


This was found by my uncle in my grandmother’s belongings. My cousin blogged it. It was an elegant ticket for a more civilized age.

Meanwhile, in 1973:

4 Responses to “Big Numbers”

  1. j Says:

    All I can say is, “what? you mean those girls (Tori Spelling, Neve Campbell et al) are so old!?”

  2. Beng Says:

    Interesting that so many famous venues were opened in that year.

  3. Edz Says:

    Bravo on the list of memorable/important events – Singapore and Worldwide… I enjoyed this very informative read! :)

  4. ivn Says:

    J: Thanks dude. Really made my day. ;\

    Beng: There were more, but it was 3am and I was tired. Most notable miss I made: The Exorcist was released that year.

    Edz: Thanks. It’s good to know that someone enjoyed that. It was a very personal piece as it was my grandmother’s lottery ticket and I needed to meditate on it.

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