September 13th, 2005

Thud_1 Just finished the book. Only a master like Terry Prachett can weave violence in the middle east, racism, the da Vinci Code, murder, slapstick and a commentary on the current debate whether terrorism should be treated as a matter for police investigations or military involvement into a satire set in a pseudo-Medieval/Renaissance setting (which sounds suspiciously like London under the Romans), he makes his characters live in a world every bit as real as our own, even if it is being carried through space on the  back of four elephants and a giant turtle.

WheremahcowWhat is most dear to me in this book is that the protaganist rushes home keystone-cops style everyday at six to read (with appropriate animal noises) "Where’s My Cow?" to his son, Young Sam. Which I am pleased to say is also available as a companion book.

He is my most favourite author. For those who are going to get his books, avoid the American Harper-Collins’ editions, dese Amelicans, dey butcher the language.

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