“I want the environment to be as clean as my vagina.”

April 22nd, 2009


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  1. Juvane Says:

    I have no doubt this would be an insane amnout of information to try and assemble solo. We aint solo tho and I bet we all have particular talents/interests that could help us build a library of sorts.When I started thinking about it I wanted a hyperlink list for all the basics but quickly discovered the bulk of it is assembled into books, not online. Not all of it though as I’ve found a ton on canning, raising livestock, etc online in pdf form. County farm extensions are amazing sources of free information. I imagine there are a lot more in that vein, don’t you think?Imagine a supercategory list along the lines of Food, Power, Water, Farming, Waste, Engines, and Communications. Each Supercategory could be broken down by specialty then those delineated by type of resource, books or free information, personal knowledge, etc.The most difficult to assemble might be information on utility grids, landline phone maintanance, and public water supply. Most however, I bet we could find and continually refine if we wanted to.I agree, its a large undertaking. Its too much to ask of Brad or RD but as this blog has morphed into what it has, maybe we could do it ourselves. One last thing. I really don’t expect the world to end tomorrow,lol. I just think as we get closer to the almost certain showdown with Iran, I get nervous. As i watch the Norks and Chinese develop weapons more suited to EMP blasts than nuclear annihilation, I grow uneasy. And as I watch what will likely be another critical intervention as the Bond and debt issuance go out of control and our currency fades well, you get the idea. Ok, I’ll put away my tinfoil hat now

  2. http://www.tungolteam.com/ Says:

    The ability to think like that shows you’re an expert

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    18/10/2012Mon cher ami, vous vous méprenez sur un point : le monde entier n’envie pas notre industrie cinématographique pour ses réalisations, mais pour son fonctionnement subventionné jusqu’au trognon.

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    And, of course, it's not just guns. They're this ignorant about everything. Though, admittedly, they have more direct antagonism for the world of firearms than most of the subjects they're plug-stupid about.What a crock.

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