The Passing Of James Oliver Rigney, Jr

September 21st, 2007

It’s funny how things lead up. I bumped into a former campmate from National Service just this week. He was in the bookshop looking for the latest Robert Jordan book, Knife of Dreams. It was funny because I was the one that introduced him to the series almost 10 years ago.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series was a massive work that occupied my time from National Service to University to my latest job. I gave up the series for a while because he took a long time to write each book. Admittedly, each book was about 600-1000+ pages but with so many characters and subplots, all richly written, it was hard to keep track after one year of absence. So with every new book, it meant re-reading the past books to remember what went on before.

It got too much for me when you have to reread 7000 pages just to catch up to begin reading the latest book. I told myself that I will buy the entire series when he’s finished writing so that I can finish the series in one uninterrupted read. I really like the series, to me, it was a luxurious read, very much like viewing a complex 18-century tapestry or sampling a fine wine.

There is a saying, “man plans, God laughs”. James Oliver Rigney, Jr, also known as Robert Jordan passed away September 16, 2007 from complications from primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy (cardiac amyloidosis). The last book, A Memory Of Light, is incomplete. Very much like my beloved Frank Herbert’s Dune series. And much like Frank Herbert, Robert Jordan made extensive notes and had told the complete story to his family.

I’ve made an order for the (in)complete set of The Wheel Of Time series. By the time I am finished with the current set, it is my hope that the last book will be published.

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