March 22nd, 2007

For people who are racking their brains on how to produce a great shampoo advertisment, go and see 300.

Shampoo Commercial

300 is the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name (or is it number?)

While it tries to be mysterious, sensual and dark, all I could think off during that Oracle scene was “Shampoo Ad”.

Although it tries to be a gritty, romantic movie, I found it to be quite amusing at times. I mean which movie has macho men in tight leather posing pouches spouting gay jokes? I am surprised the gay community did not take offense.

Perhaps it’s those distracting buff bodies of seriously male men. Of course, the women were definitely good-looking too.

The action scenes were very stylish and for those who have followed Frank Miller’s art since the Ronin days, his mark very distinctive in the movie. I figure he has something about people staring out of a mask or helmet with their left eye.

I was surprised to see David Wenham, last seen as Van Helsing’s sidekick friar, play such a physical role. Of course, it could be because of his Australian accent.

I feel that the ending got a little too preachy and wordy after all that soundless violence and action. Still, it’s a good movie to kick back and escape reality for a while.

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