If you do decide to have a blog or a MySpace

May 5th, 2006

Don’t let your ex-girlfriends exchange notes on it.

Key Quote: "…Eventually we started talking on the phone and things got graphic, he finally fessed that he would just rather pursue a sexual relationship with me instead. We were going to meet up after his supposed birthday dinner with his mom to talk hangout and get to know eachother. He basically led me all the way to his house just to pursue sex from me, which he did not get (thank god). A couple weeks later, like around the time of the beer festival he was trying to solicit my best friend and I for a threesome. He said that if I could grant his ultimate wish of a threesome, that he would be indebted to me forever and that would work in my favor relationship wise. That him and I could be together forever. I knew there was something not right about this guy…"

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